So here we are in the middle of the nineties and hemp is still not a de-regulated, non-criminal everyday part of the process of life. This is where denial leaves the emotional and intellectual realm and leaks into the material causing much imbalance and yet is still a part of a process that shall be called conciousness. This process is defined as dynamic quality that is sustainable. Our interaction with the planet during the unfoldment of our conciousness has shown us many perspectives. When we lived on farms in the past we could feed and clothe ourselves, yet a type of bigotry grew for anyone outside of our family. A way to stay connected and yet spread out began its development through the communications networks and the industrial surge. Born of science, (the study of "what if it ain't??" ) the neural network for a planet began it's long and painful emergence, raw, tentative and overwhelming.

The shift toward de-centralization takes us to a place where we do not travel for many errands, many business-related functions, mainly for pleasure or for highly organized distribution networks tuned for maximum efficiency. The economy of the planet as a unified integrated function of this neural net is an end result of this unfoldment and the regulation and psychological treatment of the mass conciousness by a handful of individuals on this global resource (hemp) fulfilled the function of utilizing old, old energy locked up in the petro-substances of the earth to birth the current global integration of expression and communication, and to create an energy system which will, without the creation of too much imbalance in the current energy system, gradually replace that system, and in a way which allows the space for conciousness to shift away from the belief in value coming from scarcity, and over to the realization of information as the source of value. As sinister as the players in the administrative drama seem to appear they are limited by the scope of their power to fulfill their role in the unfoldment of a global conciousness of energy, and conciousness of the unique contribution that each one of us has to make, this coming to us through a neural network of shared information, artistic-media and a finely-tuned feedback mechanism for affecting change, which will gradually weed out useless scarcity-based governmental processes.

The by-products of the industrial surge disappear for a fee as the demand for viable land creates demand for cleanup.

A process called Bio-dynamic farming was written about by a man named Rudolf Steiner just prior to world war two which outlined a process which is capable of completely revitalizing the soil using natural processes, and while the dissonance of the world situation at the time left Steiner's work virtually unoticed, his work is carried on currently, gearing up for the process to implement itself on a global scale. This implementation is funded by business, as land is owned and administrated by organizations similar to utility companies. The land will be portioned out and operated by individuals organized as a collective for the purpose of effective distribution. An abundance of employment in arts and agriculture emerges.

The development of the biomass-based energy economy and the development of the silicon-based neural-network serve to express the sustainability we require to fully inherit our future selves. Where we come from is a place where the space had to be allowed for everyone to get what they wanted and a goodly portion of us chose "not getting what we want" as our wish....We sit now untangling the parts of us that are inside out in this way and gradually, inevitably inherit ourselves. The belief in scarcity as the source of value is fading rapidly in the face the emerging fronts that expand our conciousness of the light. The hemp based-biomass global economy asserts itself as quietly as it disappeared upon first emerging, this time with staggering impact upon the psyche of the entire globe in a way which will unify us all. There is a part inside of each of us that does not want to agree with anyone on anything...The concept of energy and money are threat to this part of ourselves since energy and money is something we all have in common, and so it undermines our perceptions of money and energy in an attempt to free itself from the unifying elements of money and energy. When we are conscious of this ongoing influence in ourselves, it is diminished and we are able to reframe our perception of a global economy and see the opportunity it represents for a sense of self, personal sustainability, even at very low levels of education, for each and every being on the face of the planet. The proliferation of vegetative growth on the surface of the planet will most certainly influence the global climate in a way which may even prevent the onset of glaciation and humanity finds itself on it's way into the golden infinite with more clarity and sustainability than the planet has ever seen.


Stephen Saunders 1995




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