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HEADS UP!!! 2008 Approaches!

Turns out they have been planning to move medical marijuana back out of the black market in 2008 the whole time!!

No matter what us activists have been up to or would have been up to, we were going to be jacked off exactly as it has gone, according to a plan that also happens to have a whole lot to do with the SECRET manifest destiny of this country and the message that Her example will show to the world.... but back to the news....... has some "ME TOO!!" versions out here on the web now, As Jack Herer has given us permission to present the ONLINE version of his Landmark book, HEMP: The Emperor Wears No Clothes, as well as permission for anyone to do it. Go Gettum all you woould-be activists! Get the word out there!!

The news around here is that the VERSION 4 Electric Emperor will be going to press and out for distribution sometime this Summer It will be subtitled the "GOING LEGIT" Edition. Who knows how many we will get out there on this version, there were only 1000 of each of the former three versions made, so these are collector's items now!! This presentation is a preview of the great media and resources available on the CD-Rom version of The Emperor. To get the video, and the cool printable resources, you have to find the CD-Rom! The 0=2 team that created the electric emperor has more in store, so
Stay tuned.......

This way to the online version of the Emperor!



Majik is currently involved in production, distribution, and marketing for future releases of
HEMP:The Electric Emperor CD-Rom

This title is in it's third version currently, with version 4 about to go to press..

The Electric Emperor 1.3 is a must for any computer user! This version is sold-out, with only a few left of versions 1.2 and the mac-only first editions!

The musical audio companion to
the Electric Emperor
HEMP:The Empilation CD
is featured on this site, and available now on compact disc.

Preview these great tunes from this compilation from bands all over the country

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