Are You Breathing!?


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With some discussion, that includes a few simple exercises, we will outline the relationships between the external stimuli and feedback from the world around us, to the breath, the emotions, the thoughts, and the tissues of the body.

•Pollution and aging, and their connection with the breath.

The lungs are the main excretory organ set in the body. They are responsible for the removal of 70% of the toxins and free-radicals that go into the body and cause disease and aging. The skin is responsible for 20% of the free-radicals and toxins while the lower functions (bladder and bowel movement) only carry 10 percent of the load! If the lower functions are all you are exercising, you are accumulating up to 90% of the poisons and free-radicals that are going into your body!!!

This is why exercise is such an important part of a healthy body. The lungs and skin function to remove toxins during the exercise process. The breath is connected to everything we do, say, think, experience, and feel. When painful emotions, thoughts experiences and feelings come up for us and we do not wish to process them, we store this vibrational information in the tissues of the body. We must process these feelings in order to move them from the tissues of the body.

The breath is a most important tool for this process, and by taking control of the awareness of our breath's relationship to our bodies, we are able to balance and maintain healthy experience.



The lungs also pull into the body vibration itself, called in the east Prana, or Chi , Ki or Qi- It is movement itself which the body also uses to govern and carry out it's ongoing process of chemically moving vibrations in and out of the body's organization, and the vibrational content of the gases breathed in to the lungs is assimilated by body when the breath is engaged with a certain awareness held by the breather. The awareness of where the effort is placed within the breathing cycle is a key factor. The human creature seems to cultivate and maintain a breathing pattern which differs from all other animals. As you monitor an animal in it's breathing cycle you will find that the creature is always taking are in or letting air out..

The human seems to spend a good deal of time doing neither, and then when prompted or pushed to it, allows air in and then uses the effort to expel the air. It is backwards from the sort of breathing we see in other animals. The other animals use the effort in the process to pull the air in, using the abdominal muscles, and allowing the air to escape of its own momentum, the sort of pattern one find oneself when engaged in vigorous excercise, or sexual activity. As we breathe, the thoughts, emotions, and words which are attached to our breath create the system of beliefs and limits we live within, and have the ability to effectively define and re-create in order to deeper manifest our desires into the co-creative process with the Holy Spirit that we are engaged in called our lives. Cultivating and maintaining a relationship to our word and the exercise of the breath are the highest and most important engagements involved with successful manifesting in the material world!!!


Stephen Saunders is a metaphysical counselor and practicing shaman who lives in Orange County, California





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