Le Servante 2010


This is an MP3 and M4a collection which features Majik somewhere in the mix.....

The links below will give you a page which contains an mp3 link which will stream if you allow the time for the file to load. Another option is to download the file to your machine before playing it, to insure no interruptions during play.



          Maji solo composition- YOU CAN'T HIDE. 3.4 mb, M4a
          SBE Trance Sample Live (taper quality..some clicks and pops) 7.9 mb, MP3
  Crazy 4-19-06, (mp3, 4.3mb)
  bluelonelymaninspace into getonup w jam 3-26-06 (mp3, 22mb)
  SPECIAL CUT!! Ragin' Raga by Cort Stricker & The Maji
  Asian Babe- HEXANONA BAND (mp3. 6.1mb)
  Stir It Up (Bob Marley) (Majik~*, Ricky Enriquez, Jared Jesperson, Thad Miller)
  Sugaree (Grateful Dead) (Majik~*, Ricky Enriquez)
        Goathill Blues (Ricky Enriquez, Majik)
        Allison (Elvis Costello) (Ricky Enriquez, Majik)
        Me n My Uncle (Ricky Enriquez, Majik)
  First jam with Majik~*(BUS-Jared, Michael, Vincent, Gregory, Daniel, Majik)
        Window Paints -Jared Jesperson, Stephen Saunders (BUS-Jared, Michael, Vincent, Gabriel, Daniel, Majik)



All Along The Watchtower -Bob Dylan (BUS-Jared, Michael, Vincent, Gregory, Daniel, Majik)

Let It Shine- Retro look at the Band BUS (mp3. 6.8mb)










        Kali chant (Big PICKUP band Chip,Tom,Chris,Bryan.Majik)
Animalia (Didgenus)

Cosmik Day (FULLON) (Shotgun Ragtime Band and Daniel "Tron" Wilsterman)

Little Wing (Jimmy Hendrix) (Shotgun Ragtime Band)

    Spirits (Santana) (PhiRatio)
  Korg Duet (Chris Roberts and Majik)
  You Don't Have To Stay (Bobby Dalton)-(Majik solo)
Praises be to Kali-Pasch Jah Rastafari


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