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EMFs, Frequency and Humans

EMFs, Frequency and Humans

The standard Western medical model has treated the human body as a collection of chemicals and little else.

That is why the #1 treatment option has been, and likely will remain for some time, pharmaceutical drugs.

Of course, we are chemical beings, but that’s not all we are.

As much, possibly even more so, we are electromagnetic beings. We’re photonic.

Or as the documentary Resonance puts it, beings of frequency.

This documentary is just over an hour and a half long, and it is well worth watching.

Some of the highlights include:

* What is Schumann Resonance and how does it affect us?

* How Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder are linked to EMF’s.

* Why the Research isn’t 100% Clear, unless you know what you’re looking at…

* How EMF’s turn off Melatonin, affecting your sleep and cancer rates.

* And much more

Right now, you can watch this for free. I don’t own this video so it could be pulled down at any time. You can find it on the blog here.

It is because we are beings of frequency that specific frequencies we use on a daily basis negatively impact our health (like smart phones, Wi-Fi and others do).

It is also true that we can use specific frequencies to INCREASE our health. That’s what Blushield devices do.

Jayson Bawden-Smith writes in his book, In The Dark, “What is Blushield technology? It’s the most advanced EMF protection I have found to date. I don’t make this bold claim lightly – I’ve researched, tested and assessed the efficacy of countless technologies…Our bodies respond to the Blushield’s natural, coherent frequencies rather than to incoherent and harmful EMF’s. Put simply, your body will be made invisible to harmful EMF’s.”


This book is well worth a read, and of course, I think he’s spot on here. 😉

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Brandon Amalani

P.S. In my next email I’ll be sharing some other ways, including ones that aren’t covered in the above documentary, that EMF’s harm human health.


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