Example Reading by Email: Unhappy Home Situation

Hi Stephen,

I was just wondering if

you could please shed some insight on a

troubling situation for me.  I need to know when

and with whom will I move in with next?  I live

in an unsafe area with 5 dirty roommates and

dont know when/how I’ll be able to afford a

decent place to live.  I cannot afford a

reading, but if you could please help me I would

be most grateful and will share the light with


Thank you kindly,

“A person unhappy with home”

June 10, 2007

East York, ON, Canada

Maji’s Response:


The fact that you have noticed that you are unhappy in your situation is a big breakthrough I guess, on the average, people just live with this type of situation without working to change it.

The rest of what I have to say may not be comfortable for you, so hold it in the right light, because the way you respond to what I have to say is a big insight into why you are in the situation you have suddenly become aware of, or have finally begun to admit to yourself.

Your situation is a reflection of a lack of self-love.

The fact that you cannot afford a reading but expect something for nothing anyway, is sign that you have two things to deal with..

(BTW-  I am willing to give for my own reasons.. it is good to be generous with your spirit at the same time, and not always be about money, plus it doesn’t hurt to ask, for something right!? This shows me that you are capable of asking for what you wish, so get out into your community and find a better place for yourself!!)

First of all the word PARENT,  if you look closely says “Pay Rent”.    You have to start stepping up and Parenting yourself.

These people you live with are your parents….  You like it?

What ever “Parenting” your parents did not give you, you must give to yourself…. Until then there will be reflections like the ones you see around you basically hassling you into Parenting yourself.

You must learn to quit “keeping score” on the outgo of your money and resources and time the way that you have quit keeping score on the income of of your money and resources.  That is to say that the wounded child in you has taken control of your selfishness and is now using in an attempt to “extort” Parenting from the Universe.

Remember: “I, my God, and my Universe are the partners….”    Ask yourself if you are doing your part to help make change come into your life or is it more comfortable for you to be a victim.

You cannot be an empowered person and a victim. you have to choose.

Get yourself outside of your comfort zone and start doing things to break up the stagnation that your victim-conciousness has created with your life, by going into places in life where you would like to take your life, and begin to network and make new relationships in arenas of life that you know you belong.

The other thing is that you do not get enough oxygen into your body and it is full of toxins and “negative mental mass” that is sabotaging thoughts……  get them out by bringing more PRANA into your life by breathing with the conscious intention of healing and cleansing….  there are a ton of resources available for you to tune in to this type of activity for free.  You’ve got no excuse except your own unwillingness to get outside of your comfort zone and get networking to find your next place.

Until then your situation will stay the same, which will make you think and feel like it is getting worse and worse, when really it is not changing at all, or doing anything different, just like you. A perfect reflection of not caring enough to get out of your own lack of momentum for making change, and instead being content with discontent, and calling yourself a “victim”  Give that up and get out into the world and let it know what you need, it is always attempting to manifest for you that which expands and evolves you.

Love doesn’t have to pretty or fun, it is hot and sweaty and itchy and dirty and exhausting, and sometimes hurts and stings and is cold and sometimes seems like it is not there at all.  The truth is that is what makes everything grow and change and exist at all, do not be afraid of it or any of it in any of it’s forms.

I hope this helps, I know it is not a prediction that you may have been hoping for, but it is better….  BE the Cause, and Change.

bright blessings,


The Maji


“his job is to share light and not to master..”

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