Jak Rap

Jak Rap

“Jak Rap”
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Musical selection is “Jak Rap”, Jack Herer and Nobody’s Cat,
© 1997 Stephen Saunders.

Nobody’s Cat is:
Mercedez La Mont: Djembe, Didgeridoo
Milo: Percussion
Chip Frye: Djembe, Didgeridoo
J Newberry: Quica, Didgeridoo
Joseph Negrette: Drums
Joseph Rosatti: Drums
Ricki Enriquez: Electric Guitar
Stephen Saunders: Lyrics, Vocals, Didgeridoo
contact Nobody’s Cat by e-mail: Majik@majik.org
© 1997, 1998 Stephen Saunders: vocals, lyrics, Didgeridoo
© 1998 Joseph Negrette: Drums; Ricki Enriquez: Electric Guitar; Joseph Rosatti: Drums; Chip Frye: Drums/Didgeridoo; Milo: Percussion; Joseph Newberry: Quica, Didgeridoo; Mercedez LaMont: Djembe/Didgeridoo
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Message from Jack Herer
“No one person, or ten people can take on the task before us as free people. It will take all of us standing up for hemp. Hemp is a symbol for our rights and freedom. Because they who would sacrifice the life of an entire planet made up the biggest lies, about a plant. They made up the lies about a plant that provides the safest, strongest, most effective, and eco-friendly array of natural resources for our planet… …for personal gain. These Liars cannot compete with this safe and friendly plant with their poisonous chemicals and industries so they railroaded a lie through the congressional process which was designed to begin an agenda to eliminate industry with Hemp. Help us to undo this injustice by spreading the word about hemp and not giving up until the prisoners are free and our rights are secured from the forces which would kill this planet out of fear, greed, and stupidity…”
—Jack Herer, 1998
Find out how you can help by calling H.E.M.P. at 818.988.6210
or e-mail Jack athempjack@earthlink.net
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