Michael Kaiser, Washington Post – While government bailouts are being offered or considered for financial institutions, the auto industry, homeowners, and so many other needy and worthy sectors, one group is quickly and rather quietly falling apart: our nation’s arts organizations. In the past few months, dozens of opera companies, theater companies, dance organizations, museums and symphonies have either closed or suffered major cash crises. . .

Subsidies — in the form of government grants or private contributions — have long been required to help arts organizations balance their budgets. Well-managed arts organizations have typically been able to find the money required to operate if they create interesting programs, market them aggressively and build strong donor bases.

But these times are different. Many organizations that spent years building large endowments to provide more stable sources of support have seen them decimated. A number of our most loyal donors have watched their own investment portfolios be depleted and cannot provide their traditional funding. Our audience members cannot buy as many tickets as they have in the past. And our board members are less able to involve friends and associates in our fundraising galas and other activities.

This perfect storm has already weakened the fabric of our nation’s arts ecology. Over the past several months, the Baltimore Opera Company, Santa Clarita Symphony, Opera Pacific, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and others have closed or come close to closing. There probably will be a torrent of additional closures, cancellations and crises in the coming months. . .

We need an emergency grant for arts organizations in America, and we need legislation that allows unusual access to endowments. Washington must encourage foundations to increase their spending rates during this crisis, and we need immediate tax breaks for corporate giving.

The writer is president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

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Also this just in!! Maji is extremely
pleased to announce the newest venture!!

“I am
now officially (legitimately) back in the farming business!! Its not like
I ever left it, but I did leave my beloved home state of Michigan for
an awfully long time, blame the snow, but with the formation of this new
company in february of 2008 I am getting back to Michigan more and more……”
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Medical Marijuana in Michigan!! WOOOHOOO

When I fought a possesion case in Clarkston Michigan back in 1998 by defending myself and my medical necessity rights “in pro per”, I learned from the DA in pretrial that I had won, hands down and was set to go to jury trial and set a precedent for religious use in Michigan way back then before prop 215 had passed out here in California. The DA congratulated me and then told me that the case would go under appeal and that they woould make me stay in Michigan and pee in a cup every week and keep appealing “until 2008 and then it would not matter anyway”. I was offered a special section in the law called a section 7311 which would get me out of the charges but wthout setting any legal precedents. Well, here it is 2008 and low and behold, a medical marijuana initiative was allowed to pass in Michigan!!!!

So I ask you my fellow beloved Michiganers why does that seem so ODD!?


HEADS UP!!! 2008 Approaches!

Turns out they have been planning to move medical
marijuana back out of the black market in 2008 the whole time!!

No matter what us activists have been up to or would have been up to,
we were going to be jacked off exactly as it has gone, according to a
plan that also happens to have a whole lot to do with the SECRET manifest
destiny of this country and the message that Her example will show to
the world…. but back to the news…….
has some “ME TOO!!” versions out here on the web now, As Jack
Herer has given us permission to present the ONLINE version of his Landmark
book, HEMP: The Emperor Wears No Clothes, as well as permission for anyone
to do it. Go Gettum all you woould-be activists! Get the word out there!!

The news around here is that the VERSION 4 Electric
Emperor will be going to press and out for distribution sometime this
Summer It will be subtitled the “GOING LEGIT” Edition. Who knows
how many we will get out there on this version, there were only 1000 of
each of the former three versions made, so these are collector’s items
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CD-Rom version of The Emperor
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resources, you have to find the CD-Rom! The 0=2 team that created the
electric emperor has more in store, so

Well the latest update on the emperor disc 4 is that the disc will NOT go to press.

We have decided that Jack and his work will not be forgotten and that we need to focus now on the actual medicine itself.

Stay tuned…….

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