Save the planet. Kill yourself.

No you don’t, but there’s a shit load of money to be made in promoting, in a coded fashion, just that idea. Just look at publications such as the disgustingly elitist ‘green home’ magazine Dwell (which purports to be aimed at ordinary people, but invariably prints articles about trendy Yup families in their ‘green’ homes who are clearly in the high five-to-six-figure-a-year income bracket, and builders who sneer that their eco-friendly small prefab houses aren’t for “people who live in trailer parks”, and whose ads and promotional pieces are all for companies who sell supposedly ‘earth-friendly’ luxury products that are needless consumer goods just the same), and you’ll quickly come to realize that much of the whole ‘green’ idea is little more than a passing fad aimed at the wannabe hip twenty percent of the economy who can afford to indulge their fantasies of being responsible stewards of the earth while continuing on in the binge-spend-consume lifestyle that they have been led to believe they are eminently entitled to pursue.

-Right Democrat


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