Majestic 12-MAJI

In light of what Phil Corso says in his book, “The Day After Roswell”, we should reconsider reports like this one released in 1989. Col. Wilson also says he worked under MAJI/Aquarius/Pounce.

Note: It might also enlighten you to know that the Phoenix Project which was originally based in Carson City, Nevada was part of the MAJI leak program and the last I heard had moved to Las Vegas, Nevada………Col.

Origination, 8/4/89

A Special Report and Overview
Prepared by The Phoenix Project


The Top Secret Operation Majestic-12 was established by order of President Harry S. Truman in 1947. Operation Majestic-12, was created to take charge of the technical, sociological and other aspects of the crashed UFOs and the small alien occupants, dead or alive, that were recovered. In later years this operation evolved into and became known as MAJI (the Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence). MAGI is the most secret of all intelligence groups and out-ranks all other intelligence agencies including the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). MAJI is responsible directly and “only” to the President of the United States.

Note: This is wrong. MAJI is no longer responsible to the President. It has become an entity all its own and and enlightens the President on a “need to know” basis only……..Col.


The TOP SECRET / MAJI project control group is responsible for every aspect of interface with the alien lifeforms including security and intelligence, and disinformation to prevent public or foreign disclosure of the alien presence. (This is why all documents referring to “MJ-12” or any other form of that name are wrong). MAJI is on-going in Washington DC.

MAJIC: Is the security classification of all MAJI and Aquarius information. MAJIC means “MAJI CONTROLLED.” MAJIC is the highest security classification in the nation.

MJ-1: DIRECTOR OF MAJI. The Director of the CIA is usually MJ-1 and reports only to the President. Other members of MAJI are designated MJ-2, MJ-3, MJ-4, etc. This is the reason MJ-12 cannot be used as a name for the control group as it would cause confusion in meaning, i.e., (Is it referring to MJ-12 the person or MJ-12 the group.) Any reference to MJ-12 is to a person and nothing else. References and documents referring to “MJ-12” as a “Group” are incorrect.

MAJI, originally was known as Majestic-12, a group consisting of twelve members. This group was made up of a team representing selected government officials, U.S. intelligence personnel, highly trained scientists, business executives and military personnel. All were sworn to total secrecy. MAJI has continued its covert activities with the knowledge and consent of the last eight Presidents. (See Exhibit 1, part of the briefing papers for president-elect Eisenhower.)

The group continues to function today and has had the responsibility of establishing an ongoing relationship dating from 1964, with UFO beings (the Greys) from the third planet of the star system Zeta Reticuli.

Information forwarded to and the activity of MAJI has always been assigned an Above “Top Secret classification,” known as MAJIC. MAJI, to conceal its existence, adopted the cover name of “Majestic-12.” It created numerous covert and compartmented sub-divisions such as Projects Aquarius, Sigma, Snowbird and Garnet, to name a few. These projects were sheltered by MAJI and directed by select personnel of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA).

By secret Executive Memorandum NSC 5410, Eisenhower had preceded NSC 5412/1 in 1954 to establish a permanent committee to be known as Majority Twelve to oversee and conduct all covert activities concerned with the alien question. NSC 5412/1 was created to explain the purpose of these meetings when Congress and the news media became curious. Majority Twelve was made up of Nelson Rockefeller, the director of the CIA Allen Welsh Dulles, the Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, the Secretary of Defense Charles E. Wilson, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Arthur W. Radford, the Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover, and six men from the executive committee of the Council on Foreign Relations known as the “Wise Men.” These men were all members of a secret society of scholars that called themselves “The Jason Society,” or “The Jason Scholars” who recruited their members from the “Skull and Bones” and the “Scroll and Key” societies of Harvard and Yale.

The “Wise Men” were key members of the Council on Foreign Relations. There were twelve members including the first six from Government positions thus Majority Twelve. This group was made up over the years of the top officers and directors of the Council on Foreign Relations and later the Trilateral Commission. Gordon Dean, George Bush, and Zbigniew Brzezinski were among them. The most important and influential of the “Wise Men” who served on Majestic-12 were John McCloy, Robert Lovett, Averell Harriman, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan, and Dean Acheson. It is significant that President Eisenhower as well as the first six Majestic-12 members from the Government were also members of the Council on Foreign Relations. However, not all the “Wise Men” attended Harvard or Yale and not all of them were chosen from the “Skull and Bones” or “Scroll and Key” membership during their college years. [{Research indicates that various members were chosen on an ongoing basis by invitation based upon merit and was not confined to those who had attended only Harvard or Yale}] Further information regarding this can be obtained from the book “The Wise Men” by Walter Issacson and Even Thomas, Simon and Schuster, New York.

A chosen few were later initiated into the Jason Society. They are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and at that time were known as the “Eastern Establishment.” The Jason Society is alive and well today but has expanded to include members of the Trilateral Commission as well. The Trilateralists’ existed secretly several years before 1973. The name of the Trilateral Commission was taken from the alien flag known as the “Trilateral Insignia.” See Exhibit 10A The Jason Society.


In 1947 and again in the early 1950’s, Army and Air Force military units — on direct orders from the Pentagon — rushed to various sites of UFO crashes located in the Southwestern part of the United States and carted away the unearthly remains. Remains consisting of both crashed UFOs and their alien occupants. The 1947 events prompted the creation of Operation Majestic-12 by President Truman.

The wreckage and dead bodies obtained from these early crash retrievals were originally stored at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. According to military sources who later went against orders and decided to talk, Hangar 18 was used for this purpose. All reports of crashed UFOs and extraterrestrial contacts have always bypassed normal reporting procedures and channels of the military, and other intelligence agencies. Instead, they were sent directly to Project Aquarius. (See Exhibits 2 and 3).

All “hard” information regarding UFOs was routed directly to Operation Majestic-12. This explains why other intelligence agencies and Project Bluebook, [the official and public Air Force investigative activity] never received this information or knew about crashed UFOs, recovered spacecraft, or alien beings.

In later years, a joint CIA/AF covert operation, using six C-124 aircraft, recovered the wreckage, instruments, dead bodies and alien artifacts of crashed UFOs from Wright Patterson and other Air Force bases, world-wide, and moved them to a newly-built, underground, storage facility at Edwards Air Force, California. The entrance to this underground facility is through a hangar located at the end of the same runway now used by NASA’s space shuttles. According to eye-witness testimony, the CIA agent in charge of this covert operation, wearing the uniform of an AF Colonel, was William C. Cooper.

Note: The information in the preceding paragraph was supplied by an eye-witness who participated in the covert operation described, working side-by-side with the CIA agent in charge. This witness testifies that this is the same William C. Cooper, who has been prominent since 1988 in the civilian UFO movement.


The Ultimate Secret, is that MAJI and the U.S. government has in its possession spaceships manufactured on other worlds, as well as the occupants of those interstellar crafts. And, that since 1964, has maintained radio contact with the aliens through Project Sigma. They have also entered into various technical and “trade agreements” with the beings from Zeta Reticuli, named the Greys. (See Exhibit 4).

Note: Communication with the Greys (by Project Sigma) has been an accomplished fact since April of 1964. Therefore, the NASA sponsored “SETI” Program (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is merely being used as another method to provide covert funding for MAJI projects under the guise of a legitimate program. (See Exhibit 5).

The Greys, as their part of the trade agreements, were to provide MAJI and the U.S. government with various forms of advanced technology. In exchange, the Greys are provided with secret bases of operation within the United States; bases protected by the Greys and U.S. Military forces. In exchange, MAJI agreed to conceal all knowledge of their presence.

Part of the “trade agreements” was an exchange program that allowed the aliens to abduct U.S. Citizens for experimental medical, psychological and genetic research purposes — the Grey’s were to provide lists of persons abducted to the National Security Agency (NSA), for later government follow-up if such persons, when released, required medical assistance or psychological adjustment.


During 1972-1973, a period of two years, an area South of Groom Lake (one of the nation’s most secret test centers in Nevada) was closed and a huge underground facility was constructed for and with the help of the Greys. This facility was built South of Area-51 in another location named Area-S4. This location is just east of, and adjacent to the Nevada Atomic Test site.

The bargained for technology was set in place, but could only be operated by the Grey’s themselves, to prevent their advanced technology being used against them. Another secret underground base was provided the Greys in a location known as the “Ice Caves” near the Los Alamos Laboratory Facility in New Mexico. Over a period of the next six years, four more secret bases were provided the Greys in other isolated areas of the United States.

During the years 1979 through 1983, it became increasingly obvious to MAJI that things were not going as planned. It became known that many more people (in the thousands) were being abducted than were being listed on the official abduction list. The list the Greys were supplying the National Security Council, and MAJI. It was apparent that the abductions included much more than the simple monitoring experiments of an advanced civilization.

In late 1979, things had gotten almost entirely out of hand when it became known that the Greys had implanted a tiny probe, 3mm. in size, into the brains of certain abductees before releasing them. MAJI investigators determined the probe could be used to hypnotically and telepathically program and monitor the person. In addition, some abductees were programmed with unknown post-hypnotic commands. The Greys also implanted tracking devices just under the skin, on some abductees to monitor their movements. Attempts, by hypnosis, to determine the nature of the hypnotic programming and commands implanted by the Greys, triggered life-threatening physical symptoms in these individuals making these eff Greys were performing genetic cross-breeding experiments on some of the human female abductees. In 1983, MAJI discovered the full magnitude of the Grand Deception put over by the Greys. They were also shocked when the Soviet Union (USSR) admitted that they, too, had been deceived and that the Greys had entered into similar Treaties and agreements with them. MAJI was in a state of confusion and near panic as they realized their plans were dashed, along with their hopes and dreams of obtaining the Grey’s technology and the secrets of interstellar spaceflight.

This caused MAJI to become split along factional lines. One faction advocating confessing the scheme and the shambles it had become to the public, begging their forgiveness and asking for their support. Note: This faction is responsible for the leaks of sensitive information regarding the activities of Operation Majestic-12. The other faction rejected this saying there was no way they could do that, even though the situation was untenable, stating there was no use in alarming the public of either country with the horrible truth.

This second faction won out and their plan to develop a weapon that could be used against the Greys was accepted by the Soviet Union. Under the guise of “SDI,” (a joint US/Soviet effort) the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars), this weapon was developed. SDI, has nothing whatever to do with a defense against Soviet nuclear missiles. The nick-name “Star Wars” was closer to the truth than the uninformed public realized.

The “alarm,” publicly expressed by the Soviet Union regarding SDI, and its opposition to the program, were all artfully crafted to conceal the joint nature of the program and to prevent the Greys learning its real purpose. The United States and the Soviet Union have been secret allies since 1983.

Primarily, SDI is a weapon for use against the Greys’ underground bases or any attempted invasion from space. However, to achieve funding from Congress and support from the people, and to conceal its real nature from the Greys, it had to be presented as a defense against a nuclear strike from the USSR.

The Soviet equivalent of MAJI used the same technique, the development of a weapon to protect their country from a U.S. nuclear strike, to obtain covert funding for the joint effort.

The threat from the Greys is taken so seriously by MAJI, that President Reagan adamantly refused any concessions on SDI. He continued to vigorously pursue its development, and deployment, in spite of uninformed scientific and congressional opposition. These opponents never knew its real and intended purpose.

To accomplish the true objectives of the SDI program, MAJI created another ultra-secret project — Project Zeus. Project Zeus is revealed here for the first time.

Project Zeus, created under the umbrella of MAJI, is charged with the real purpose, direction, management, development and eventual deployment of the SDI Weapons System. It was aptly named for the mythical Greek God — Zeus. Only this time, it would be an angry Zeus hurling laser and particle beam lightning bolts into the heavens [posted to de.alt.ufo by “FastWalker”]

Bill Hamilton
Executive Director

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Michael Kaiser, Washington Post – While government bailouts are being offered or considered for financial institutions, the auto industry, homeowners, and so many other needy and worthy sectors, one group is quickly and rather quietly falling apart: our nation’s arts organizations. In the past few months, dozens of opera companies, theater companies, dance organizations, museums and symphonies have either closed or suffered major cash crises. . .

Subsidies — in the form of government grants or private contributions — have long been required to help arts organizations balance their budgets. Well-managed arts organizations have typically been able to find the money required to operate if they create interesting programs, market them aggressively and build strong donor bases.

But these times are different. Many organizations that spent years building large endowments to provide more stable sources of support have seen them decimated. A number of our most loyal donors have watched their own investment portfolios be depleted and cannot provide their traditional funding. Our audience members cannot buy as many tickets as they have in the past. And our board members are less able to involve friends and associates in our fundraising galas and other activities.

This perfect storm has already weakened the fabric of our nation’s arts ecology. Over the past several months, the Baltimore Opera Company, Santa Clarita Symphony, Opera Pacific, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and others have closed or come close to closing. There probably will be a torrent of additional closures, cancellations and crises in the coming months. . .

We need an emergency grant for arts organizations in America, and we need legislation that allows unusual access to endowments. Washington must encourage foundations to increase their spending rates during this crisis, and we need immediate tax breaks for corporate giving.

The writer is president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.


Reto U. Schneider is the author of The Mad Science Book. This is one of the experiments described

Reto U. Schneider, The Mad Science Book – The Good Friday service in Easter 1962 was a memorable experience for ten seminarians at the Andover Newton Theological School. Although they could remember hardly anything of the sermon delivered by Pastor Howard Thurman, they could recall a sea of colors, voices from the Beyond, and the feeling that they were melting into the surrounding world. In a word, the students were high.

At the beginning of the 1960s, some daring scientists turned their attention to studying mind-altering substances. This was the period when it was all part and parcel of a lecture on mysticism to ingest magic mushrooms to gain practical insight into the subject, and when a doctoral thesis could entail giving students drugs and observing their behaviour. This is exactly what Walter Pahnke did: this young theologian and doctor from Harvard University was keen to discover whether psychedelic drugs could induce the kind of mystical sensations that only very few people otherwise experience, for example when in a state of religious trance. Users of LSD, psilocybin or mescaline had long claimed that this was the case.

Pahnke turned to Timothy Leary, who a short time before had begun conducting drug experiments at Harvard, and who later became a leading figure in the 1960s counterculture. He proposed an experiment to Leary: test subjects would attend a church service, but half of them would be given mind-expanding drugs in advance. Afterwards, all participants would be required to fill in a questionnaire and be interviewed.  Comparing the findings with descriptions of mystical experiences from the realm of religion would demonstrate whether there was a qualitative difference between them.

[Leary] explained to Pahnke that a psychedelic trip was an intensely personal experience and that a person would have to have experienced several himself before he could even contemplate devising such an experiment. However, Pahnke was adamant that he would have to wait until his thesis had been accepted before he indulged. He didn’t want anyone accusing him of partiality: the experiment would only have a chance of succeeding if he hadn’t taken any drugs himself beforehand. . .

On the morning of Good Friday, two hours before the service, 20 students met in the crypt of Boston University’s Marsh Chapel. They were encouraged “not try to fight the effects of the drug even if the experience became very unusual or frightening.”. . .

The service lasted two and a half hours. When it had ended, the students were interviewed for the first time. At 5 o’clock, Leary invited everyone to come and eat with him, but ‘the trippers were still too high to do much except shake their heads, saying “Wow!”‘, as he later recalled. . .

In the days following the experiment, and again six months later, the subjects were quizzed about what they had gone through. . . The results were unequivocal: eight of the 10 students who had eaten the magic mushroom experienced at least seven of the impressions and feelings customarily associated with a mystical experience. By contrast, no-one from the control group reached this kind of score. In every category, they lagged far behind the experimental group. . .

Twenty-five years after the experiment, the psychologist Rick Doblin attempted to find the surviving participants. In four years’ of detective work, he succeeded in tracking down 19 of the 20 students. Sixteen of them agreed to be interviewed and filled in the same questionnaire as in the original experiment. The results were astonishingly consistent: those in the experimental group and the control group gave much the same answers as they had done a quarter of a century before. The test subjects from the experimental group described the Good Friday service of 1962 as one of the high points in their spiritual lives. They all claimed that the experiment had had a positive influence on them. Some attributed their later socially aware outlook to it, while others said it had helped them come to a positive accommodation with their fear of death.

Nevertheless, most of the former participants also recalled that the experiment also had its negative aspects. There were moments when they thought they were going mad or dying. Pahnke only treated this aspect in passing in his thesis. In particular he hushed up the fact that one subject had to be injected with an antidote when the situation got out of hand: seized with an urge to put Pastor Thurman’s call to spread the word of Christ into action straight away, one student left the chapel and went out onto the street, from where he had to be fetched back. . .

Just one member of the control group claimed that the experiment had benefited him greatly. Not that it was the church service as such that had such a positive effect on him, but rather the decision he made during it to try psychedelic drugs himself at the next available opportunity.


Times, UK – After years of being relegated to the office party and hen nights, disco has shimmied her way back up to the top of the cool kids’ party playlist. Blanketed in glitzy memories of Studio 54, disco provides the perfect antidote to the all-pervading grimness of the life ahead. “When times are good, you could argue that people get turned on by darker, edgier music, such as drum’n’bass or electro,” says Jim Stanton, who started the iconic Horse Meat Disco in Vauxhall, south London. “As soon as life gets harder, people look for something more uplifting, which is where disco comes in – it’s an escape. The first big-haired disco moments happened in America during the 1970s, when there was a depression caused by an oil crisis.”. . .

Change You Won’t Believe

The peak oil story has not been nullified by the scramble to unload every asset for cash — including whomping gobs of oil contracts — during this desperate season of bank liquidation. The main implication of the peak oil story is that we won’t be able to generate the kind of economic growth that defined our way of life for decades because the primary energy resources needed for it will be contracting.
Just as global oil production peaked, our economy evolved into a morbid hypertrophy, and the chief manifestation of it was the suburban sprawl-building fiesta that has now climaxed in the real estate bust. By the early 21st century, when so much American manufacturing had been swapped out to Asia, there was no business left except sprawl-building — a manifold tragedy which wrecked the banks that financed it, and left the ordinary people mortgaged to it with ruinous liabilities.
That economy is now in its death throes. The “normality” it represents to so many Americans is gone and can’t be brought back, no matter how wistfully we watch it recede. Even so, it was obviously not good for the country. The terrain of North America has been left scarred by unlovable objects and baleful futureless vistas that, from now on, will shed whatever pecuniary value they once had. It represents the physical counterpart to the financial mess that has been left to the young generations to clean up — and the job will take a very long time.
We have to, so to speak, get to place mentally where we can face the kinds of change that are now necessary and unavoidable. We’re not there yet. It’s not clear whether the elected new national leadership knows just how severe the required changes will really be. Surely the public would be shocked to grasp what’s in store. Probably the worst thing we can do now would be to mount a campaign to stay where we are, lost in raptures of happy motoring and blue-light-special shopping.
The economy we’re evolving into will be un-global, necessarily local and regional, and austere. It won’t support even our current population. This being the case, the political fallout is also liable to be severe. For one thing, we’ll have to put aside our sentimental fantasies about immigration. This is almost impossible to imagine, since that narrative is especially potent among the Democratic Party members who are coming in to run things. A tough immigration policy is exactly the kind of difficult change we have to face. This is no longer the 19th century. The narrative has to change.
The new narrative has to be about a managed contraction — and by “managed” I mean a way that does not produce civil violence, starvation, and public health disasters. One of the telltale signs to look for will be whether the Obama administration bandies around the word “growth.” If you hear them use it, it will indicate that they don’t understand the kind of change we face.
It is hugely ironic that the US automobile industry is collapsing at this very moment, and the ongoing debate about whether to “rescue” it or not is an obvious kabuki theater exercise because this industry is hopeless. It is headed into bankruptcy with one hundred percent certainty. The only thing in question is whether the news of its death will spoil the Christmas of those who draw a paycheck from it, or those whose hopes for an easy retirement are vested in it. But American political-economy being very Santa Claus oriented for recent generations, the gesture will be made. A single leaky little lifeboat will be lowered and the chiefs of the Big Three will be invited to go for a brief little row, and then they will sink, glug, glug, glug, while the rusty old Titanic of the car industry slides diagonally into the deep behind them, against a sickening greenish-orange sunset backdrop of the morbid economy.
A key concept of the economy to come is that size matters — everything organized at the giant scale will suffer dysfunction and failure. Giant companies, giant governments, giant institutions will all get into trouble. This, unfortunately, doesn’t bode so well for the Obama team and it is salient reason why they must not mount a campaign to keep things the way they are and support enterprises that have to be let go, including many of the government’s own operations. The best thing Mr. Obama can do is act as a wise counselor companion-in-chief to a people who now have to leave a lot behind in order to move forward into a plausible future. He seems well-suited to this task in sensibility and intelligence. The task will surely include a degree of pretense that he is holding some familiar things together and propping up some touchstones of the comfortable life. But the truth is we are all going to the same unfamiliar new territory.
The economy we’re moving into will have to be one of real work, producing real things of value, at a scale consistent with energy resource reality. I’m convinced that farming will come much closer to the center of economic life, as the death of petro-agribusiness makes food production a matter of life and death in America — as opposed to the disaster of metabolic entertainment it is now. Reorganizing the landscape itself for this finer-scaled new type of farming is a task fraught with political peril (land ownership questions being historically one of the main reasons that societies fall into revolution). The public is completely unprepared for this kind of change. We still think that “the path to success” is based on getting a college degree certifying people for a lifetime of sitting in an office cubicle. This is so far from the approaching reality that it will be eventually viewed as a sick joke — like those old 1912 lithographs of mega-cities with Zeppelins plying the air between Everest-size skyscrapers.
The crucial element in the transformation underway will be emotion. The American experience for a few generations has produced an adult population with very childish instincts, increasingly worse each decade. For instance, the desperate power fantasies among the younger tattooed lumpenproles — those with next-to-zero real economic power — suggest a certain unappetizing playing-out of resource competition when the supply of Cheez Doodles and Pepsi starts to dwindle. But even the heretofore gainfully employed middle classes are pretty lost in fantasies at least of comfort an convenience. For years now, I have wondered how their sense of grievance and resentment will be expressed when the supermarket shelves run bare and the cardboard signs get taped over the local gas pump and the cable TV gets cut off for non-payment. You wonder, to put it bluntly, how far gone we really are.
My new novel of the post-oil future, World Made By Hand, is available at all booksellers.

Jesus ‘healed using cannabis’

Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties
of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published this month. The study suggests
that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings.The anointing oil
used by Jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called kaneh-bosem which has since
been identified as cannabis extract, according to an article by Chris Bennett in the drugs magazine,
High Times, entitled Was Jesus a Stoner? The incense used by Jesus in ceremonies also contained
a cannabis extract, suggests Mr Bennett, who quotes scholars to back his claims.
“There can be little doubt about a role for cannabis in Judaic religion,” Carl Ruck, professor
of classical mythology at Boston University said. Referring to the existence of cannabis in anointing
oils used in ceremonies, he added: “Obviously the easy availability and long-established tradition of
cannabis in early Judaism _ would inevitably have included it in the [Christian] mixtures.”

Mr Bennett suggests those anointed with the oils used by Jesus were “literally drenched
in this potent mixture _ Although most modern people choose to smoke or eat pot, when

its active ingredients are transferred into an oil-based carrier, it can also be absorbed through
the skin”. Quoting the New Testament, Mr Bennett argues that Jesus anointed his disciples
with the oil and encouraged them to do the same with other followers. This could have been
responsible for healing eye and skin diseases referred to in the Gospels.

“If cannabis was one of the main ingredients of the ancient anointing oil _ and receiving
this oil is what made Jesus the Christ and his followers Christians, then persecuting those
who use cannabis could be considered anti-Christ,” Mr Bennett concludes.


Dear Friends,
My name is Kymberlee Ruff, MFT. I am Cherokee by ethnicity but I have been given the great honor of being a “Carrier of the Hopi/Tibetan Prophecies”.
I was asked by the Elders to share the Sacred writings of the late Chief Dan Katchongva.
Chief Dan Katchongva belonged to the Sun Clan, which took over the chieftaincy of Hotevilla.  He is the son of Yukiuma, the chief who founded Hotevilla in 1906, and served as a spokesman and advisor up to the time he became chief.He passed over in 1972.

I have been studying under Grandfather Martin Gasweseoma who is the nephew of the late Yukiuma.

If you have been watching the news lately, you may have seen how the tide is turning and corruption is beginning to become purified. Since the recent election, the Time of Purification has accelerated and we are beginning to see what the Fifth World can look like.

I have been told that: “The United States has the first honest President since Lincoln and we can now begin the restore Truth and Honor.”

The Hopi Prophecy has always been kept hidden except to the initiated and takes 8-9 days to tell. This writing by Chief Dan Katchongva was the very first time any part of the Hopi Prophecy was ever shared with the White People.

I have been told that it is very important that the world understand now what is happening and what is about to happen so that they can prepare to Remain Noble



Prophecies of the Hopi People

As told by
Dan Katchongva,
Sun Clan (ca. 1865-1972)
Translated by Danaqyumptewa
Edited by Thomas Francis

Originally published in 1972 by the
Committee for Traditional Indian Land and Life
Los Angeles, California.



Dan Katchongva, the late Sun Clan leader of
Hotevilla, spent more than a century in this
life, in the course of which he was
privileged to witness the battle between the
ancient world and the modern world, in which
he saw many old prophecies fulfilled. He
experienced the whole spectrum, from
peaceful village life to the most forceful
interference the Hopi have known since the
end of the previous world.

In a talk recorded on January 29, 1970, Dan
told the story of the People of Peace, from
the dawn of time to the attacks which led to
the founding of Hotevilla in 1906, the school,
money and police systems which threaten to
end the Hopi Way within this generation, and
the consequences for America and the world.

The thought of publishing his talk grew from
the recognition that those causing this
tragedy, and the millions who support them,
could not persist, had they but a glimpse of
the purpose behind Hopi resistance to
foreign control.

Dan agreed to the publication of this
booklet on condition that it never be sold,
insisting that to sell Hopi teachings would
be like selling his own mother.

He selected the portions to be published,
and the accuracy of the translation was
carefully established through his
interpreter, Danaqyumptewa, with emphasis
given to the original wording.

In addition to the prophecies fulfilled
during his lifetime, Dan was told by his
father that he would live to see the
beginning of the final event of this era,
the Great Day of Purification. Dan
Katchongva died in 1972.

Thomas Francis


“All I have is my planting stick and my
corn.  If you are willing to live as I
do, you may live here with me.”


Somewhere down in the underworld we were
created by the Great Spirit, the Creator. We
were created first one, then two, then
three. We were created equal, of oneness,
living in a spiritual way, where the life is
everlasting. We were happy and at peace with
our fellow men. All things were plentiful,
provided by our Mother Earth upon which we
were placed. We did not need to plant or
work to get food. Illness and troubles were
unknown. For many years we lived happily and
increased to great numbers.

When the Great Spirit created us, he also
gave us instructions or laws to live by. We
promised to live by his laws so that we
would remain peaceful, using them as a
guideline for living happily upon that land
where he created and placed us. But from the
beginning he warned us that we must not be
tempted by certain things by which we might
lose this perfect way of life.

Of course we had advantage of many good
things in this life, so by and by we broke
the Creator’s command by doing what he told
us not to do. So he punished us by making us
as we are now, with both soul and body. He
said, “From now on you will have to go on
your own. You will get sick, and the length
of your life will be limited.”

He made our bodies of two principles, good
and evil. The left side is good for it
contains the heart. The right side is evil
for it has no heart. The left side is
awkward but wise. The right side is clever
and strong, but it lacks wisdom. There would
be a constant struggle between the two
sides, and by our actions we would have to
decide which was stronger, the evil or the

We lived in good ways for many years, but
eventually evil proved to be stronger. Some
of the people forgot or ignored the Great
spirit’s laws and once again began to do
things that went against his instructions.
They became materialistic, inventing many
things for their own gain, and not sharing
things as they had in the past. This
resulted in a great division, for some still
wanted to follow the original instructions
and live simply.

The inventive ones, clever but lacking
wisdom, made many destructive things by
which their lives were disrupted, and which
threatened to destroy all the people. Many
of the things we see today are known to have
existed at that time. Finally, immorality
flourished. The life of the people became
corrupted with social and sexual license
which swiftly involved the Kikmongwi’s
(chief’s) wife and daughters, who rarely
came home to take care of their household
duties. Not only the Kikmongwi but also the
high religious leaders were having the same
problem. Soon the leaders and others with
good hearts were worried that the life of
the people was getting out of control.

The Kikmongwi gathered the high priests.
They smoked and prayed for guidance toward a
way to solve the corruption. Many times they
gathered, until finally someone suggested
that they move, find a new place, and start
a new life.


Now they had often heard certain thumping
sounds coming from above, so they knew that
someone might be living there. It was
decided that this must be investigated. I
will describe this briefly, for the whole
story would take much space.

Being gifted with wisdom, they created birds
for this purpose. I will name three. Two
which are known for their strength and
swiftness are the kisa (hawk) and the
pavowkaya (swallow) The third was a moochnee
(related to the mockingbird). His flight is
awkward, but he is known to be wise. They
were each created at separate times by magic
songs, tobacco smoke and prayers, from dirt
and saliva, which was covered by a white cap
(ova). Each was welcomed respectfully and
given instructions for his mission, should
he succeed. The first two failed to reach
the top side of the sky, but the third one,
moochnee, came through the opening into this

The new world was beautiful. The earth was
green and in bloom. The bird observed all
his instructions. His sense of wisdom guided
him to the being he was instructed to seek.
When he found him it was high noon, for the
being, Maasau’u, the Great Spirit, was
preparing his noon day meal. Ears of corn
lay beside the fire. He flew down and landed
on top of his kisi (shady house) and sounded
his arrival.

Maasau’u was not surprised by the visitor,
for by his wisdom and sense of smell he
already knew someone was coming.
Respectfully he welcomed him and invited him
to sit down. The interview was brief and to
the point. “Why are you here? Could it be
important?” “Yes,” said Moochnee, “I was
sent here by the underworld people. They
wish to come to your land and live with you,
for their ways have become corrupted. With
your permission they wish to move here with
you and start a new life. This is why I have
come.” Maasau’u replied bluntly, but with
respect, “They may come.”

With this message the bird returned to the
underworld. While he was gone the Kikmongwi
and the leaders had continued to pray and
wait for his successful return. Upon his
return with the good news of the new world
and Maasau’u’s permission for them to come,
they were overjoyed.

Now the question was how they were to get to
the top, so again they smoked and prayed for
guidance. At last they agreed to plant a
tree that would grow to the top and serve as
a pathway. They planted the seed of a
shalavee (spruce tree), then they prayed and
sang magic songs. The tree grew and grew
until it reached the sky, but its branches
were so soft and so many that it bent under
the heavy earth pressure from the top, so it
did not pierce the sky. They planted another
seed, this one to be a lougu (pine). It grew
as they sang their magic songs. This tree
was stout and strong. “Surely this one will
get through,” they thought. But it was
unsuccessful, for its branches also bent
upon contact with the solid object. Again
they planted a seed. This time it was a
pakave (reed). Since it had a pointed end it
pierced the sky up into the new world.

Meanwhile all of this had been kept secret.
Only proper, righteous, and one-hearted
people were informed of the plans to leave
the corrupt world. They were prepared to
move out, so as soon as they knew it was
successful they started to come up on the
inside of the plant, resting between the
joints as they worked their way up to the

When they got to this world, everything was
beautiful and peaceful.  The land was
virgin, unmolested. They were very happy.
They sang and danced with joy, but their joy
was short-lived, for that night the chief’s
daughter died suddenly. Everyone was sad and
worried. People looked at one another
suspiciously. An evil spell had been
enacted.  This caused great concern that a
witch or two-hearted person might be among

Now the Kikmongwi had great power which he
must use to settle the concern of his
people. He made a small ball out of cornmeal
which he tossed up above the group of
people. The one upon whose head it landed
would be the guilty one. It landed upon the
head of a girl. A quick decision was made to
throw her back through the opening into the
underworld. The wickedness must be gotten
rid of, for they wished to live peacefully
in this new land. But the witch girl cried
out for mercy, telling them that on their
long journey they would face many obstacles
and dangers of every description, and that
her services would become useful, for she
had power to fight evil. She invited the
Kikmongwi to look back down into the
underworld. He looked and saw his child
playing happily with the other children in
the underworld, where upon death we will all
return. She was spared, but they left her
there alone, perhaps hoping that she would
perish by some unknown cause.


It was here that the Great Spirit first
appeared to them on this earth, to give them
the instructions by which they were to live
and travel. They divided into groups, each
with its selected leader.  Before them he
laid ears of corn of various lengths. They
were each instructed to pick one ear of corn
to take with them on their journey, for
their subsistence and their livelihood. One
by one they greedily picked out the longest
and most perfect-looking ears until only the
shortest was left. They did not realize that
this was a test of wisdom. The shortest ear
was picked by the humblest leader.  Then the
Great Spirit gave them their names and the
languages by which they would be recognized.
The last picker of short corn was named

HOPI means not only to be peaceful, but to
obey and have faith in the instructions of
the Great Spirit, and not to distort any of
his teachings for influence or power, or in
any way to corrupt the Hopi way of life.
Otherwise, the name will be taken away.

He than gave them instructions according to
which they were to migrate for a certain
purpose to the four corners of the new land,
leaving many footprints, rock writings and
ruins, for in time many would forget that
they were all one, united by a single
purpose in coming up through the reed.

Now that we were on top, we were each to
follow our own leaders, but so long as we
did not forget the instructions of the Great
Spirit we would be able to survive. We were
now bound by a vow to live by these
instructions and to complete our pattern of
migration.  Maasau’u told us that whoever
would be the first to find him would be the
leader of those who were to follow, then he


We migrated for many years to every corner
of this continent, marking our claim as we
travelled, as these markings clearly testify
up to the present day. On our way we stopped
for rest near the great river now known as
the Colorado. We had travelled far and
gained a great deal of knowledge, not
forgetting our instructions. The group
leader was of the Bow Clan, a great chief
with wisdom. But it was here that this great
chief disappeared into the dark night. After
putting his family to sleep he left in
search of the Earth Center, where clever,
ingenious people from all nations meet to
plan the future. By some means he found the
place, and was welcomed with respect. It was
a beautiful place with all manner of good
things.  Good food was laid before him by
most beautiful girls. It was all very

Until today we did not know the significance
of this action. It had to do with the
future. By this action he caused a change to
occur in the pattern of life as we near the
end of the life cycle of this world, such
that many of us would seek the materialistic
world, trying to enjoy all the good things
it has to offer before destroying ourselves.
Those gifted with the knowledge of the
sacred instructions will then live
cautiously, for they will remember and have
faith in these instructions, and it will be
on their shoulders that the fate of the
world will rest. The people will corrupt the
good ways of life, bringing about the same
life as that from which we fled in the
underworld. The sacred body of the female
will no longer be hidden, for the shield of
protection will be uplifted, an act of
temptation toward sexual license, which will
also be enjoyed.  Most of us will be lost in
all the confusion. An awareness that
something extraordinary is happening will
develop in most of the people, for even
their leaders will be confused into
polluting themselves. It will be difficult
to decide whom to follow.

The Hopi knew all this would come about. All
these aspects of today’s life pattern were
planned. So today we must stand firmly on
our belief in order to survive. The only
course is to follow the instructions of the
Great Spirit himself.


This Bow Clan chief had two grown sons. When
they learned of their father’s misdeed they
were very sad. Their knowledge of the
teachings which they had received from him
was all in order. Now they were left alone
to lead their people, for the very next day
their father died.

They asked their mother to permit them to
carry out the order of their instructions
for an event of this nature. She replied
that it was up to them, for their knowledge
was complete. Upon agreement, the younger
brother was to continue in search of
Maasau’u, and to settle where he found him.
There he would await the return of this
older brother, who was to travel eastward
toward the rising sun, where he would rest
briefly. While resting, he must listen for
the voice of his younger brother, who would
expect him to come to his aid, for the
change in the life pattern will have
disrupted the way of life of his people.
Under the pressure of a new ruler they will
surely be wiped off the face of the earth
unless he comes.

So today we are still standing firmly on the
Great Spirit’s instructions. We will
continue to look and pray toward the East
for his prompt return.

The younger brother warned the elder that
the land and the people would change. “But
do not let your heart be troubled,” he said,
“for you will find us. Many will turn away
from the life plan of Maasau’u, but a few of
us who are true to his teachings will remain
in our dwellings. The ancient character of
our heads, the shape of our houses, the
layout of our villages, and the type of land
upon which our village stands, and our way
of life. All will be in order, by which you
will find us.”

Before the first people had begun their
migrations the people named Hopi were given
a set of stone tablets. Into these tablets
the Great Spirit inscribed the laws by which
the Hopi were to travel and live the good
way of life, the peaceful way. They also
contain a warning that the Hopi must beware,
for in time they would be influenced by
wicked people to forsake the life plan of
Maasau’u. It would not be easy to stand up
against this, for it would involve many good
things that would tempt many good people to
forsake these laws. The Hopi would be led
into a most difficult position. The stones
contain instructions to be followed in such
a case.

The older brother was to take one of the
stone tablets with him to the rising sun,
and bring it back with him when he hears the
desperate call for aid. His brother will be
in a state of hopelessness and despair. His
people may have forsaken the teachings, no
longer respecting their elders, and even
turning upon their elders to destroy their
way of life. The stone tablets will be the
final acknowledgment of their true identity
and brotherhood.  Their mother is Sun Clan.
They are the children of the sun.

So it must be a Hopi who travelled from here
to the rising sun and is waiting someplace.
Therefore it is only the Hopi that still
have this world rotating properly, and it is
the Hopi who must be purified if this world
is to be saved. No other person anyplace
will accomplish this.

The older brother had to travel fast on his
journey for there was not much time, so the
horse was created for him. The younger
brother and his people continued on in
search of Maasau’u.

On their way they came to a land that looked
fertile and warm. Here they marked their
clan symbols on the rock to claim the land.
This was done by the Fire Clan, the Spider
Clan, and the Snake Clank.  This place is
know called Moencopi. They did not settle
there at that time.

While the people were migrating, Maasau’u
was waiting for the first ones to arrive. In
those days he used to take walks near the
place where he lived, carrying a bunch of
violet flowers (du-kyam-see) in his belt.
One day he lost them along the way. When he
went to look for them he found that they had
been picked up by the Hornytoad Woman. When
he asked her for the flowers she refused to
give them back, but instead gave him her
promise that she would help him in time of
need. “I too have a metal helmet,” she told
him, (possibly meaning that certain people
with metal helmets would help the Hopi when
they get into difficulty).

Often Maasau’u would walk about a half mile
north of his du-pa-cha ( a type of temporary
house) to a place where there lay a long
rock which formed a natural shelter, which
he must have picked as the place where he
and the first people would find each other.
While waiting there he would amuse himself
by playing a game to test his skill, the
name of which (Nadu-won-pi-kya), was to play
an important part later on in the life of
the Hopi, for it was here that the knowledge
and wisdom of the first people was to be
tested. Until recent times children used to
play a similar game there, something like
“hide-and-seek.” One person would hide, then
signal by tapping on the rock, which would
transmit the sound in a peculiar way so that
the others could not tell exactly where the
tapping was coming from. (Some years ago
this rock was destroyed by government road
builders.) It was here that they found
Maasau’u waiting.


Before the migrations began Maasau’u had let it
be known, though perhaps not by direct
instructions, that whoever would find him
first would be the leader there. Later it
became clear that this was a procedure by
which their true character would be

When they found him, the people gathered and
sat down with him to talk. The first thing
they wanted to know was where he lived. He
replied that he lived just north of there at
a place called Oraibi.  For a certain reason
he did not name it fully. The full name is
Sip-Oraibi, meaning something that has been
solidified, referring to the fact that this
is the place where the earth was made solid.

They asked permission to live there with
him. He did not answer directly, for within
them he saw evil. “It is up to you,” he
said.  “I have nothing here. My life is
simple. All I have is my planting stick and
my corn. If you are willing to live as I do,
and follow my instructions, the life plan
which I shall give you, you may live here
with me, and take care of the land. Then you
may have a long, happy, fruitful life.”

Then they asked him whether he would be
their leader, thinking that thus they would
be assured a peaceful life. “No,” he
replied, “the one who led you here will be
the leader until you fulfill your pattern of
life,” (for he saw into their hearts and
knew that they still had many selfish
desires). “After that I will be the leader,
but not before, for I am the first and I
shall be the last.” Having left all the
instructions with them, he disappeared.


The village of Oraibi was settled and built
in accordance with the instructions of the
Great Spirit. The Bow Clan chief was the
father of the ceremonial order. They
remained under the leadership of the Bow
Clan for some time, perhaps until
corruptions set in. As you recall, the Bow
Clan chief of the past had contaminated his
standing by taking part in the changing of
the life pattern.

Later the Bear Clan took over. This might
have been because the bear is strong and
mighty. There may have been other reasons
too, such as a prophecy which told that a
bear, sleeping somewhere in the northern
part of what is now called Europe, would
awaken at a certain time where he would
wait. This group is called Bear Clan because
they came across a dead bear at the place of
the shield symbol. Most of the important
people claimed to be of the Bear Clan,
including the Bluebird and Spider Clan

The vow which we made with the Great Spirit
obligated us to follow His way of life. He
gave the land to us to use and care for
through our ceremonial duties. He instructed
us and showed us the road plan by which we
must govern our lives. We wrote this pattern
on a rock so that we would always be
reminded to follow the straight road. The
Hopi must not drift away from this road or
He will take this land away from us. This is
the warning given to us by Maasau’u.

Oraibi village was settled firmly. Migrating
people were now gathering there and asking
to be admitted into the village. The
Kikmongwi and the high priests would always
consider their request and base their
judgment upon their character and wisdom.
Those who showed signs of boastfulness were
turned away and told to go to the south
mesas where their kind of people lived. Only
good people, humble and sincere in their
prayers, were admitted.

One of these groups was the Coyote Clan,
They were coming from Sh-got-kee
(Si-aht-ki), close to Walpi. There were
several reasons they were pointed out as bad
people, but they were clever in a way.  At
first they were not allowed to join the
village. But when they made their fourth
request they were accepted according to the
custom, and they were admitted with the
agreement that they act as a protection, and
that in time of troubles they had to support
and help the spokesman. But they were warned
to be cautious. Although, the devout never
torture to the end. And that is the way we
had it with all the clans, because on the
way most of us want to cheat or deceive the
leaders to get glory or fame; which leads us
to the point of polluting our way and to
shake our beliefs.

The last group that was admitted to Oraibi
was the Grey Eagle Clan.  As they finished
their migration, they first settled in what
today is called New Mexico. Because they
were people who like to make wars, and
trouble makers they were, they were chased
away by the Pueblo Indians there. As they
came to this area, they settled at
Mishongovi on Second Mesa, with the
condition that they would not start a
quarrel or conflict. If they break this
promise, they should leave without
resistance. So, they started another
conflict and they left as promised. After
that they came to Oraibi and asked to be
admitted there. After several attempts they
were allowed to come in under the same
promise that they had to give to the other
village, that they would move voluntarily if
they started restlessness or broke their
promise. In accordance with this agreement,
the leader of the Village Mishongovi would
consider re-accepting them on Second Mesa,
or to send them back to New Mexico where the
Pueblo Indians could do with them what they
think is right.

Later, as we were forced to leave the
Village Oraibi, and we started to settle in
Hotevila, they came with us, with the same
agreement.  That is still in effect today.
Again they started restlessness and they are
now obligated to leave. They are the seed of
all the destruction in our village. They
betrayed the Hopi Nation because they bow
before the ones that come with nice words,
and through that they get benefits and
advantages. For them, there are just two
ways: the way of the Great Spirit or the way
of Bahanna. They are obligated to go to
Mishongovi as agreed. The people over there
wait for them, but they don’t have the
courage to do what they promised.  And they
hide themselves cowardly behind the man-made
law of Bahanna.

Among the ceremonies of each group the
prayer for rain was important in order for
the crops to grow and produce an abundance
of food. The people depended on this for
their livelihood. Boastful people were not
admitted so that the prayers would not be

Oraibi was now firmly established. The
pattern of the religious order was
established. Cycle by cycle we paid respect
to our Mother Earth, our Father Sun, the
Great Spirit, and all things through our
ceremonies. We were happy for we were united
as one.


Time passed on, people passed on, and the
prophecies of things to come were passed
from mouth to mouth. The stone tablets and
the rock writing of the life plan were often
reviewed by the elders.  Fearfully they
waited as they retold the prophecy that one
day another race of people would appear in
their midst and claim our land as his own.
He would try to change our pattern of life.
He would have a “sweet tongue” or a “fork
tongue,” and many good things by which we
would be tempted. He would use force in an
attempt to trap us into using weapons, but
we must not fall for this trick, for then we
ourselves would be brought to our knees,
from which we might not be able to rise. Nor
must we ever raise our hand against any
nation. We now call these people Bahanna.


We have teachings and prophecies informing
us that we must be alert for the signs and
omens which will come about to give us
courage and strength to stand on our
beliefs. Blood will flow.  Our hair and our
clothing will be scattered upon the earth.
Nature will speak to us with its mighty
breath of wind. There will be earthquakes,
floods, and strange fires in different
places causing great disasters, changes in
the seasons, and in the weather,
disappearance of wildlife, and famine in
different forms. There will be gradual
corruption and confusion among the leaders
and the people all over the world, and wars
will come about like powerful winds. All of
this has been planned from the beginning of

We will have three people standing behind
us, ready to fulfill our prophecies when we
get into hopeless difficulties: the Meha
Symbol (which refers to a plant that has a
long root, milky sap, grows back when cut
off, and has a flower shaped like a
swastika, symbolizing the four great forces
of nature in motion), the Sun Symbol, and
the Red Symbol. Bahanna’s intrusion into the
Hopi way of life will set the Meha Symbol in
motion, so that certain people will work for
the four great forces of nature (the four
directions, the controlling forces, the
original force) which will rock the world
into war. When this happens we will know
that our prophecies are coming true. We will
gather strength and stand firm.

This great movement will fall, but because
its subsistence is milk, and because it is
controlled by the four forces of nature, it
will rise again to put the world in motion,
creating another war, in which both the Meha
and the Sun Symbol will be at work. Then it
will rest in order to rise a third time. Our
prophecy foretells that the third event will
be the decisive one. Our road plan foretells
the outcome.

This sacred writing speaks the word of the
Great Spirit. It could mean the mysterious
life seed with two principles of tomorrow,
indicating one, inside of which is two. The
third and last, which will it bring forth,
purification or destruction?

This third event will depend upon the Red
Symbol, which will take command, setting the
four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for
the benefit of the Sun. When he sets these
forces in motion the whole world will shake
and turn red and turn against the people who
are hindering the Hopi cultural life. To all
these people Purification Day will come.
Humble people will run to him in search of a
new world, and the equality that has been
denied them. He will come unmercifully. His
people will cover the Earth like red ants.
We must not go outside to watch. We must
stay in our houses. He will come and gather
the wicked people who are hindering the red
people who were here first. He will be
looking for someone whom he will recognize
by his way of life, or by his head (the
special Hopi haircut), or by the shape of
his village and his dwellings. He is the
only one who will purify us.

The Purifier, commanded by the Red Symbol,
with the help of the Sun and the Meha, will
weed out the wicked who have disturbed the
way of life of the Hopi, the true way of
life on Earth. The wicked will be beheaded
and will speak no more. This will be the
Purification for all righteous people, the
Earth, and all living things on the Earth.
The ills of the Earth will be cured. Mother
Earth will bloom again and all people will
unite into peace and harmony for a long time
to come.

But if this does not materialize, the Hopi
traditional identity will vanish due to
pressure from Bahanna. Through the white
man’s influence, his religions, and the
disappearance of our sacred land, the Hopi
will be doomed. This is the Universal Plan,
speaking through the Great Spirit since the
dawn of time.

With this in mind, I as a Hopi do not make
wars against any country, because if I do,
the Purifier will find out and punish me for
fighting. And since I am Hopi, I am not
sending my children across the ocean to
fight. If they want to that’s up to them,
but they will no longer be Hopi if they do.

Since I am Sun Clan, and the Sun is the
father of all living things, I love my
children. If they realize what I am talking
about they must help me save this world.

The Hopi have been placed on this side of
the Earth to take care of the land through
their ceremonial duties, just as other races
of people have been placed elsewhere around
the Earth to take care of Her in their own
ways. Together we hold the world in balance,
revolving properly. If the Hopi nation
vanishes the motion of the Earth will become
eccentric, the water will swallow the land,
the people will perish, and the ants will
inherit the earth. Only a brother and a
sister may be left to start a new life.


Bahanna came with great ambition and
generosity, eagerly offering his hand to
help “improve” our way of life, establishing
schools to teach us the “better ways” of his
life. He offered us his medicine and health
practices, saying that this would help us
live longer. He offered to help us mark our
boundary, claiming that in that way we would
have more land. In all the villages we
rejected his offer. He tried many ways to
induce us, but failed to make us submit to
his wishes, for we were all one unity at
that time, believers in the instructions of

His next attempt was fear. He formed a
police force consisting partly of certain
people who had been tempted by his offers
and given weapons. He threatened to arrest
us and put us in prison, but we still stood
firm. The threats of arrest and imprisonment
were put into action. Villages panicked and
weaker people began to submit. In Oraibi,
our village leadership fell when Loloma
(Bear Clan) made an agreement with the
United States government.

We who still had faith in Maasau’u,
including the main priests of the religious
orders, gathered together, rejecting the
Kikmongwi’s request to submit. We sat down
together and smoked and prayed that we would
be brave enough to take our stand. We took
out our stone tablet and studied it in every
detail. We carefully reviewed the road plan
written on the rock near our village. This
is the plan we must always follow, for it is
in order and complete. We recognized that
the Fire Clan (meaning my father, Yukiuma)
must lead, for his symbol, Maasau’u, stands
to the right of the reed as he faces out.
We also interpreted that since our way of
life had been corrupted we must move to a
new place where we would be able to follow
the road without interference and continue
our ceremonial duties for all beings.

We smoked and prayed again and reconsidered
that this village, Oraibi, is our mother
village. All our sacred shrines are rooted
here and must not be left unattended. We
knew that the road would be hard with many
obstacles. We knew that we would still be
troubled by the newcomer, and that we must
still face all the tests of weakness, so we
agreed to stay.

The trouble commenced its course. The
government wanted all of the Hopi children
to be put into schools. They said it would
do us good, but we knew that this “good”
would only be on the surface, and that what
was under it would destroy the Hopi cultural
life. Maybe they thought that with an
education the children might be able to help
the old people, but we knew this would not
be so, because they would learn to think as
white men, so they would never help the old
people. Instead they would be indoctrinated
and encouraged to turn against us, as they
are actually doing today. So in order to be
good according to the Great Spirit’s
instructions we refused to put our children
into the schools.

So almost every week they would send
policemen, many of them. They would surround
the village and hunt for the children of
school age.  We could not be happy because
we were expecting trouble every day.
Fathers who refused to cooperate were
arrested and imprisoned.  Inhuman acts were
imposed upon us, starvation, insults and
humiliation, to force us into submission.
Still, over half of the clan leaders and
religious society leaders refused to accept
anything from the government. Because of
this we were mocked and treated as outcasts
by those who had already submitted. Finally
they decided to do something about us
because we were keeping them from getting
certain favors from the government.

This was when Loloma’s successor,
Tewaquaptewa, became chief of Oraibi. It was
under his leadership that the sad event, the
eviction of the faithful Hopi from Oraibi,
was touched off. Since we “Hostiles,” as we
were called by the missionaries and
government workers refused to follow his
wishes and accept the white man’s way of
life, he decided to evict us bodily. He
figured that without our interference he
would be able to take advantage of the good
things offered by Bahanna.


On September 7, 1906, his followers,
commanded by chief Tewaquaptewa himself,
entered the house where we were discussing
prophesies and threw us out. We did not
resist until rifles and other weapons were
shown and they began beating us. Then we
resisted only to the extent of defending
ourselves from injury. I was “killed,” and
bleeding, my blood flowed into Mother Earth,
a prophetic sign that the Purifier was
coming in seven days and that we should move
out of Oraibi.  When I came back to life,
all my people were gathered to go. My
father, Yukiuma, was selected to be the
leader. The women and children, with a few
belongings on their backs, a little food,
and no shoes, were prepared to leave. Some
tried to go back to their houses to get
their valuables and some extra food, but
they were turned back. (In Book of the Hopi,
it is said we were allowed to go back and
get some belongings, but this is not true.
That book is not accurate.) After we had
left, we learned that our houses had been
looted and that horses had been turned loose
in our fields and had eaten our crops, which
were just ready for harvest.

Thus we had to migrate once again to find a
new home, leaving behind a corrupt world of
confusion. We sought to start a new life,
carry on our ceremonial cycles, and preserve
our way of life without interference, but
now we know that this was a dead dream, for
the interference has continued right up to
the present day.


The village of Hotevila was settled for one
purpose, to stand firmly on the Great
Spirit’s instructions and fulfill the
prophecies to the end. It was established by
good people, one-hearted people who were
actually living these instructions. Water
was plentiful, and so was wood, from which
we built temporary shelters in which we were
to survive the cold winter with very few
blankets. Food was scarce, but we managed to
live from the land by hunting game and
picking greens.  We were united into
oneness, but it would again be split into
two due to extreme pressure from the


Hardly had our footprints faded away in
Oraibi, when early one morning we found
ourselves surrounded by government troops.
All the people, including the children, were
ordered to march six miles to a place below
Oraibi.  From there all the men were marched
over forty miles to the U.S. government
agency at Keams Canyon, where they were
imprisoned for about a year and a half for
not accepting the generous offer of
education for our children, among other

The first thing they ordered us to do was to
sign papers. We refused. Then they locked us
inside a building without food and with very
little water for several days until we were
very hungry. Again they tried to induce us
to sign papers, promising to feed us and let
us go, but again we refused. They tried
other tricks to make us sign, but each time
we refused. Finally they took us to a
blacksmith shop, where they riveted chains
to our legs with loops and hooks, and
fastened us together in pairs. In this way
we were forced to work on a road gang for
long hours everyday, working dangerously
with dynamite on the steep rocky cliffs near
the agency. That road is now the foundation
of a highway still in use today.

At night we were fastened together in groups
of six by means of long chains. To add to
our torture, soap was added to our food,
which made us very sick. When one man had to
go the outhouse, all six had to go. All this
time the possibility of signing certain
papers was left open to those who might
weaken. During this period my father,
Yukiuma, was being held somewhere else so I
was acting as leader.

While we were in prison, only the women and
children, and maybe a few old men, were left
out here. They had very little food, but as
if by a miracle, there happened to be a lot
of rabbits and other wild game that winter,
so on that meat diet they were able to
survive the hard weather. It was very hard
while the men were away.  The old people
used to talk about it. The women had to
gather the wood themselves. My mother used
to tell me how they would form hunting
parties and get the dogs to help. We had a
small flock of sheep which they tended while
we were away. During the growing season they
planted the crops, took care of the fields,
and did all the work that the men would
normally do, in order to survive.


During this period a group under the
leadership of Kawonumptewa (Sand Clan),
fearing even worse pressure from the
government, returned to Oraibi to follow
Tewaquaptewa and accept the white man’s way,
but they were rejected and driven out. They
settled about two miles from Hotevila, where
they founded the village of Bacobi. Unable
to make out independently, they asked the
government agency for help.  The agency
happily obliged with such things as housing
materials. Now they almost entirely accept
the white man’s way, along with his
religion. According to the Great Spirit’s
law they are now landless. Their only assets
are their dwellings. But it is through them
that the agency obtained token permission to
build a school on Hotvela land, and with the
agency’s backing they have committed land
grabs against the Hotvela people. It is also
through them that the government has built a
water tower on Hotvela land, which supplies
running water to the school and to Bacobi
village, while depleting the natural water
supply of the Hotvela people. Most of the
people in Hotvela refuse to use the water
from this tower.  Much of the trouble caused
by the Bacobi people still exists today.  I
can recall much more that I hope will come
to light.

At the present time we face the danger that
we might lose our land entirely. Through the
influence of the United States government,
some people of Hopi ancestry have organized
what they call the Hopi Tribal Council,
patterned according to a plan devised by the
government, for the purpose of negotiating
directly with the government and with
private businesses. They claim to act in the
interests of the Hopi people, despite the
fact that they ignore the existing
traditional leaders, and represent only a
small minority of the people of Hopi blood.
Large areas of our land have been leased,
and this group is now accepting compensation
from the Indian Claims Commission for the
use of 44,000,000 acres of Hopi land. We
have protested all these moves, but to no

Now this Tribal Council was formed
illegally, even according to white man’s
laws. We traditional leaders have
disapproved and protested form the start. In
spite of this they have been organized and
recognized by the United States government
for the purpose of disguising its
wrongdoings to the outside world. We do not
have representatives in this organization,
nor are we legally subject to their
regulations and programs. We Hopi are an
independent sovereign nation, by the law of
the Great Spirit, but the United States
government does not want to recognize the
aboriginal leaders of this land. Instead, he
recognizes only what he himself has created
out of today’s children in order to carry
out his scheme to claim all of our land.

Because of this, we now face the greatest
threat of all, the actual loss of our
cornfields and gardens, our animals and wild
game, and our natural water supply, which
would put an end to the Hopi way of life. At
the urging of the Department of the Interior
of the United States, the Tribal Council has
signed several leases with an outside
private enterprise, the Peabody Coal
Company, allowing them to explore our land
for coal deposits, and to strip-mine the
sacred mesas, selling the coal to several
large power plants. This is part of a
project intended to bring heavy industry
into our area against our wishes. We know
that this will pollute the fields and
grazing lands and drive out the wildlife.
Great quantities of water will be pumped
from beneath our desert land and used to
push coal through a pipe to a power plant in
another state (Nevada). The loss of this
water will affect our farms as well as the
grazing areas of the animals. It also
threatens our sacred springs, our only
natural source of water, which we have
depended upon for centuries.

We Hopi knew all this would come about,
because this is the Universal Plan. It was
planned by the Great Spirit and the Creator
that when the white man came he would offer
us many things. If we were to accept those
offers from his government, that would be
the doom of the Hopi nation. Hopi is the
bloodline of this continent, as others are
the bloodline of other continents. So if
Hopi is doomed, the whole world will be
destroyed. This we know, because this same
thing happened in the other world. So if we
want to survive, we should go back to the
way we lived in the beginning, the peaceful
way, and accept everything the Creator has
provided for us to follow.

White man’s laws are many, but mine is one.
White man’s laws are all stacked up. So many
people have made the rules, and many of them
are made every day. But my law is only the
Creator’s, just one. And no man-made law
must I follow, because it is ever-changing,
and will doom my people.

We know that when the time comes, the Hopi
will be reduced to maybe one person, two
person, three persons. If he can withstand
the pressure from the people who are against
the tradition, the world might survive from
destruction We are at the stage where I must
stand alone, free from impure elements. I
must continue to lead my people on the road
the Great Spirit made for us to travel. I do
not disregard anyone. All who are faithful
and confident in the Great Spirit’s way are
at liberty to follow the same road. We will
meet many obstacles along the way. The
peaceful way of life can be accomplished
only by people with strong courage, and by
the purification of all living things.
Mother Earth’s ills must be cured.

As we say, the Hopi are the first people
created. They must cure the ills of their
own bloodline so everything will become
peaceful naturally, by the will of the
Creator. He will cure the world. But right
now Hopi is being hurt. To us this is a sign
that the world is in trouble. All over the
world the confused people have been
fighting, and it will get worse. It is only
purification of the Hopi that will settle
the problems here on this Earth. We didn’t
suffer all this hardship and punishment for
nothing. We live by these prophecies and
teachings, and no matter what happens, we
will not buckle down under any pressure from

We know certain people are commissioned to
bring about the Purification. It is the
Universal Plan from the beginning of
creation, and we are looking up to them to
bring purification to us.  It is in the rock
writings throughout the world, on different
continents. We will come together if people
all over the world know about it. So we urge
you to spread this word around so people
will know about it, and the appointed ones
will hurry up with their task, to purify the
Hopi and get rid of those who are hindering
our way of life.

I have spoken. I wish this message to travel
to all corners of this land and across the
great waters, where people of understanding
may consider these words of wisdom and
knowledge. This I want. For people may have
different opinions about some things, but
because of the nature of the beliefs upon
which the Hopi life is based, I expect that
at least one will agree, maybe even two. If
three agree it will be worth many fold.

I am forever looking and praying eastward to
the rising sun for my true white brother to
come and purify the Hopi. My father,
Yukiuma, used to tell me that I would be the
one to take over as leader at this time,
because I belong to the Sun Clan, the father
of all the people on the Earth. I was told
that I must not give in, because I am the
first. The Sun is the father of all living
things from the first creation. And if I am
done, the Sun Clan, then there will be no
living thing left on the Earth. So I have
stood fast. I hope you will understand what
I am trying to tell you.

I am the Sun, the father. With my warmth all
things are created. You are my children, and
I am very concerned about you. I hold you to
protect you from harm, but my heart is sad
to see you leaving my protecting arms and
destroying yourselves. From the breast of
your mother, the Earth, you receive your
nourishment, but She is to dangerously ill
to give you pure food. What will it be? Will
you lift your father’s heart? Will you cure
your mother’s ills? Or will you forsake us
and leave us with sadness, to be weathered
away? I don’t want this world to be
destroyed. If this world is saved, you all
will be saved, and whoever has stood fast
will complete this plan with us, so that we
will all be happy in the Peaceful Way.

People everywhere must give Hopi their most
serious consideration, our prophecies, our
teachings, and our ceremonial duties, for if
Hopi fails, it will trigger the destruction
of the world and all mankind. I have spoken
through the mouth of the Creator. May the
Great Spirit guide you on the right path.

Rocket Fuel in California Drinking Water? No Thank You!

The drinking water of between 15 and 20 million Californians is contaminated with perchlorate, a salt that is the primary component of solid rocket fuel. Help us convince Governor Schwarzenegger to protect our health from this dangerous chemical.

Perchlorate reduces the thyroid’s ability to take up iodide and produce thyroid hormone. Even a short term reduction in thyroid hormone can irreparably impair brain development in fetuses and infants, and impact people with thyroid problems.

Despite these serious health impacts, there is no federal drinking water standard for perchlorate thanks to pressure from the White House and polluters such as the Department of Defense.

California is one of only two states that have set a drinking water standard for perchlorate. The California standard is based on a 2004 public health goal of 6 parts per billion (ppb) established by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). State law requires that this goal be set at the level at which no adverse health impacts are expected.

Since 2004, however, research has confirmed that the 6 ppb drinking water standard will not adequately protect our vulnerable populations. Clean Water Action wants the state to lower the goal to reflect this research.

Recently, OEHHA announced that they will reevaluate the perchlorate public health goal in 2009. Clean Water Action has met with OEHHA staff to encourage them to lower the public health goal. But we need your help to turn up the pressure.

Take action now by e-mailing Governor Schwarzenegger. Tell him that you do not want rocket fuel in your drinking water and that you support lowering the perchlorate public health goal.

Fuel’s paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head

· Scientist says device disproves quantum theory
· Opponents claim idea is result of wrong maths

It seems too good to be true: a new source of near-limitless power that costs virtually nothing, uses tiny amounts of water as its fuel and produces next to no waste. If that does not sound radical enough, how about this: the principle behind the source turns modern physics on its head.

Randell Mills, a Harvard University medic who also studied electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, claims to have built a prototype power source that generates up to 1,000 times more heat than conventional fuel. Independent scientists claim to have verified the experiments and Dr Mills says that his company, Blacklight Power, has tens of millions of dollars in investment lined up to bring the idea to market. And he claims to be just months away from unveiling his creation.

The problem is that according to the rules of quantum mechanics, the physics that governs the behaviour of atoms, the idea is theoretically impossible. “Physicists are quite conservative. It’s not easy to convince them to change a theory that is accepted for 50 to 60 years. I don’t think [Mills’s] theory should be supported,” said Jan Naudts, a theoretical physicist at the University of Antwerp.

What has much of the physics world up in arms is Dr Mills’s claim that he has produced a new form of hydrogen, the simplest of all the atoms, with just a single proton circled by one electron. In his “hydrino”, the electron sits a little closer to the proton than normal, and the formation of the new atoms from traditional hydrogen releases huge amounts of energy.

This is scientific heresy. According to quantum mechanics, electrons can only exist in an atom in strictly defined orbits, and the shortest distance allowed between the proton and electron in hydrogen is fixed. The two particles are simply not allowed to get any closer.

According to Dr Mills, there can be only one explanation: quantum mechanics must be wrong. “We’ve done a lot of testing. We’ve got 50 independent validation reports, we’ve got 65 peer-reviewed journal articles,” he said. “We ran into this theoretical resistance and there are some vested interests here. People are very strong and fervent protectors of this [quantum] theory that they use.”

Rick Maas, a chemist at the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNC) who specialises in sustainable energy sources, was allowed unfettered access to Blacklight’s laboratories this year. “We went in with a healthy amount of scepticism. While it would certainly be nice if this were true, in my position as head of a research institution, I really wouldn’t want to make a mistake. The last thing I want is to be remembered as the person who derailed a lot of sustainable energy investment into something that wasn’t real.”

But Prof Maas and Randy Booker, a UNC physicist, left under no doubt about Dr Mill’s claims. “All of us who are not quantum physicists are looking at Dr Mills’s data and we find it very compelling,” said Prof Maas. “Dr Booker and I have both put our professional reputations on the line as far as that goes.”

Dr Mills’s idea goes against almost a century of thinking. When scientists developed the theory of quantum mechanics they described a world where measuring the exact position or energy of a particle was impossible and where the laws of classical physics had no effect. The theory has been hailed as one of the 20th century’s greatest achievements.

But it is an achievement Dr Mills thinks is flawed. He turned back to earlier classical physics to develop a theory which, unlike quantum mechanics, allows an electron to move much closer to the proton at the heart of a hydrogen atom and, in doing so, release the substantial amounts of energy he seeks to exploit. Dr Mills’s theory, known as classical quantum mechanics and published in the journal Physics Essays in 2003, has been criticised most publicly by Andreas Rathke of the European Space Agency. In a damning critique published recently in the New Journal of Physics, he argued that Dr Mills’s theory was the result of mathematical mistakes.

Dr Mills argues that there are plenty of flaws in Dr Rathke’s critique. “His paper’s riddled with mistakes. We’ve had other physicists contact him and say this is embarrassing to the journal and [Dr Rathke] won’t respond,” said Dr Mills.

While the theoretical tangle is unlikely to resolve itself soon, those wanting to exploit the technology are pushing ahead. “We would like to understand it from an academic standpoint and then we would like to be able to use the implications to actually produce energy products,” said Prof Maas. “The companies that are lining up behind this are household names.”

Dr Mills will not go into details of who is investing in his research but rumours suggest a range of US power companies. It is well known also that Nasa’s institute of advanced concepts has funded research into finding a way of using Blacklight’s technology to power rockets.

According to Prof Maas, the first product built with Blacklight’s technology, which will be available in as little as four years, will be a household heater. As the technology is scaled up, he says, bigger furnaces will be able to boil water and turn turbines to produce electricity.

In a recent economic forecast, Prof Maas calculated that hydrino energy would cost around 1.2 cents (0.7p) per kilowatt hour. This compares to an average of 5 cents per kWh for coal and 6 cents for nuclear energy.

“If it’s wrong, it will be proven wrong,” said Kert Davies, research director of Greenpeace USA. “But if it’s right, it is so important that all else falls away. It has the potential to solve our dependence on oil. Our stance is of cautious optimism.”

Alternative energy

Cold fusion

More than 16 years after chemists’ claims to have created a star in a jar imploded in acrimony, the US government has said it might fund more research. Mainstream physicists still balk at reports that a beaker of cold water and metal electrodes can produce excess heat, but a hardy band of scientists across the world refuse to let the dream die.

Methane hydrates

The US and Japan are leading attempts to tap this source of fossil fuel buried beneath the seabed and Arctic permafrost. A mixture of ice and natural gas, hydrates are believed to contain more carbon than existing reserves of oil, coal and gas put together.

Solar chimneys

Sunlight heats trapped air, which rises through a giant chimney and drives turbines. Leonardo da Vinci designed such a power tower and the Australian company Enviromission plans to build one. Despite being scaled down recently, the concrete chimney will still stand some 700 metres over the outback.

Nuclear fusion

Turns nuclear power on its head by combining atoms rather than splitting them to release energy – copying the reaction at the heart of the sun. After years of arguments the world has agreed to build a test reactor to see whether it works on a commercial scale. Called Iter, it could be switched on within a decade.

Wave generators

No longer a dead duck, the hopes of engineers are riding on bobbing floats again. The British company Trident Energy recently unveiled a design that uses a linear generator to convert the motion of the sea into electricity. A wave farm just a few hundred metres across could power 62,000 homes.

David Adam